You can obtain a copy of any of these documents by sending a written
  request, or a facsimile or email request to:

 Nuclear Regulatory Commission
 Russell A. Powell, FOIA/PA Officer
 Washington, D.C. 20555
 telephone number: (301) 415-7169
 fax number: (301) 415-5130
 e-mail address:

 In your note, you should mention the phrase "Freedom of Information Act".

 You can either order an entire document, or you can request only a portion
 of a document if you wish, for example the first 25 pages of a document.

 - the Response Coordination Manual, RCM-96, NUREG/BR-0230
 - The NRC Field Policy manual, NUREG/BR-0075
 - the Commissioner's Assistant Handbook, NUREG/BR-0201
 - The Office of Inspector General, NUREG/BR-0149
 - The Response Technical Manual, TRM-93, NUREG/BR-0150
 - NRC's Differing Professional Views and Opinions Process, NUREG/BR-0161
 - Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards, NUREG/BR-0137
 - The NRR Technical Newsletter - monthly newsletter
 - the ACRS/ACNW Administrative manual, NUREG/BR-0243
 - Computer Codes and Mathematical Models, NUREG/BR-0083
 - LPDR Update
 - Distribution List Descriptions for NRC Reports & Documents,
 - NUREG/BR-0188
 - Regulations Handbook, NUREG/BR-0053
 - NRC Guide to Learning Opportnities, NUREG/BR-0017
 - ACRS/ACNW Members Handbook, NUREG/BR-0225
 - Translations of Foreign Documents, NUREG/BR-0080
 - NRC Drug Testing Manual, NUREG/BR-0136
 - Guidelines for conducting Public meetings, NUREG/BR-0224
 - The IG at the NRC, NUREG/BR-0146